At ARC287BC, the pride and joy of what we can provide to people is our Motion Transfer Mechanism, or MTM technology. This technology (which you can learn more about in some videos below, or through a visit to our YouTube channel) is designed to transfer motion in the most effective and efficient manner possible, in a mechanism that can be applied for a variety of adaptive vehicles and alternative energy uses. Through this patented motion transfer design, we hope to provide adventurous mobility to all who strive for it, as well as revolutionize the industry of motion transfer technology. Keep reading to learn more, and learn how you can support us.

What does mtm technology do?

Up-and-Down to Circular Motion

The MTM technology uses up-and-down motion, and incorporates it into any system that moves in a circular motion. An up-and-down force motion allows for a more efficient application of gravity into any exertion of force, instead of a traditional circular force motion that loses some of the energy exerted.

Efficient Energy Transfer

By transferring the force created by this up-and-down exertion into circular motion, the MTM technology allows for a much more efficient transfer of energy and motion. The technology means that every downward exerted force produces 30% more torque for every exerted motion than a traditional circular motion transfer, significantly increasing power and speed.

Adaptive Vehicles

Our main pursuit of applying this MTM technology is for a variety of adaptive vehicles. The pulley-powered bicycle model is one of our main pursuits, but with further financial backing, we hope to implement this technology to adaptive vehicles like canoes, paddle boats, and a three-wheeler.

Mobility for Physically Disabled

One of the most important applications of these adaptive vehicles which utilize our MTM technology, is for providing adventurous mobility to individuals with physical disabilities and amputees. The up-and-down motion allows the rider to apply 100% of their force to the pedal, allowing for enough energy efficiency to be utilized by anyone who is physically challenged.

Motion Transfer Technology from ARC287BC

The chance to experience human-powered movement should be accessible to all, no matter your physical limitations or ability. With our MTM technology, ARC287BC hopes to change the world, one adaptive vehicle and experience for people with physical disabilities at a time. But we can’t do it alone. We hope to revolutionize a $62 billion dollar industry through the incredible efficiency of our motion transfer technology, and with further financial backing, we hope to integrate our MTM technology into a variety of adaptive vehicles, that we can provide in a variety of public spaces, so anyone can experience human-powered adventure. Contact us here to learn more about how you can help our mission.

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