After decades of research and development, we performed a series of rigorous performance tests, assessing the differences in speed, torque and distance between the Archimedes 287BC and the conventional bicycle. Conducted within Associated Testing Laboratories of Wayne, New Jersey, each assessment was overseen and documented by an unbiased third party.

Test results proved:

  • The stepper bike surpassed the conventional in inches traveled under the displacement test. When in the optimal position, the stepper bike traveled 629 inches, where the conventional bike only traveled 386 inches.
  • The stepper bike proves to be superior in its efficient use of applied force. With 90 percent of the force being transmitted directly to the rear wheel (compared to 63 percent for the conventional bike), the stepper bike travels further with the same amount of physical effort.
  • That when the same amount of human input power was applied, the stepper bike continuously outperformed the conventional bike, producing 60 percent more torque. The design maximizes the output and the excess torque is converted to higher speeds when the bike is operated at lower gear settings.

Repeated tests performed by Sweetspot Studio confirmed the superior performance of our stepper bike design.

Complying with all SEC rules and regulations for consumer goods, we applied for and were awarded a US patent for the design and application of our Motion Transfer Mechanism. Protected against design and use copy, we’re poised to singularly revolutionize the industry, facilitating the needs of the physically challenged and the general public as well.

Here are the complete reports on our prototype testing process!

Laboratory Test Results

Associated Testing Lab Results

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