Meet The Board



100% disabled Purple Heart Veteran from the Vietnamese War, he dreamt to see people pedal-fly. ARC287BC is working towards its goal.



Over 35 years of successful experience running a personal business, Wilson Berzerra has demonstrated capacity in understanding what business will thrive and which one will fail. He is a certified sales professional, and an IRS Enrolled Agent, with track records of integrity and ingenuity in service delivery. He is a trained Information Technology Engineer with a certification as a Microsoft Systems Engineer and a RUTGERS Accounting Graduate. He is an astute project manager with an eye for detail and firsthand experience in leading all stages of system development efforts.


Chief Operating Officer

Hands-on management with an excellent technical foundation. Lead technical Voice and Data network teams and delivering results on time & on budget. Incorporating flexibility into project design to better address evolving business requirements. Vendor Management, Leading teams of contracted vendors supporting network and trading floor support. Developing new tools and methodologies to improve productivity. Finding practical solutions to critical problems. Cost efficiency expert.


Chief Financial Officer

A former IRS agent with vast audit experience. She knows business and trade practices to develop and solve tax issues based on analysis and evaluations of overall business operations and financial conditions. She has been running a successful business since 1989. Mrs. Bexerra has a Bachelor of Art in French with a minor in accounting from Montclair State University. She is also a part of the inventors and patent holders of the Motion Transfer Mechanism, our device that converts circular motion to up and down motion.

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Director, Investor Relations

A Financial Advisor, consulting clients to create needsbased solutions, to help clients meet their financial goals by applying a combination of investment and protection for businesses. Working as an investment counsel, Rashad attained a solid knowledge of stocks, bonds, options, limited partnerships and also has rigorous consultative sales and wealth management experience. He has worked in Morgan Stanley, as well as in Prudential Financial, with 9 years of experience in the field as well as a combined professional experience in Real Estate and Finance of over 15 years.


Chief Engineer

An innovator who has served as a consultant engineer and Director for ARC287BC since January 2015. He has 46 years of experience in creating, engineering, and selling multiple products, generating billions of dollars for large corporations such as Owens Corning and Ford Motor Company. He holds more than 12 patents that allowed him to build two successful companies such as Bay Industries and ARC Machines. He is also one of the patent holders of the Motion Transfer Mechanism. In addition, he was also the inventor of Super Chuck, a device that allowed his company to become very successful and employ over 36 employees.


Marketing Officer

A promising asset to the company, who has proved her worth with a strategic approach to every problem. She does not hesitate to roll up her sleeves and get to work, whether related to marketing or other aspects of the business. Apart from planning, developing, implementing, and monitoring the overall business marketing strategy, she also reaches out to potential investors. Having completed her Diploma in Law and pursuing LLB from the University of London, she will look over the Intellectual Properties as well as Corporate Legal proceedings of ARC287BC. A Daily Star Award winner and multiple International Art exhibitor. She also worked as a legal journalist for


HR Officer

One of the earliest officeholders in ARC287BC, she has contributed to every stage of growth of the company. Graduating from Southern New Hampshire University, she is a skilled and qualified HR expert managing every aspect of the employment process, including, orientation, and training of staff members, and managing payroll. She developed the websites of the company as well as FIT Foundation and has also coordinated in the completion of the SEC filings as well as the MTM patent. A trusted member of the company, providing counseling on policies and procedures. Her dedication, strong sense of support, and loyalty is well appreciated.