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Energy Production with MTM Technology

When the Industrial Revolution occurred in the mid-1800’s, the country and the world seemed to be set on a path relying on energy production. While the energy production method of choice back then was mostly coal (and arguably still is today), the production levels and consumption of energy has only increased every year since, as our world gets bigger, more connected, and more developed. However, we have run into a variety of issues regarding energy production as the years have gone on. From the monumental levels of consumption, to the depletion of natural resources required to source and produce energy, and how that depletion has affected our planet, energy dominates a lot of our lives, and the future lives of our children.

We are constantly looking for alternative fuel sources and production methods of energy, to both limit these effects on our planet, and also to feed the continually growing population and consumption needs of the world. And we have found more than a few, like renewable sources that use wind turbines, hydroelectric dams, and solar power to generate usable energy; we have also found a little more volatile sources like nuclear power. But it still hasn’t been enough, which makes any innovation in energy production absolutely vital to all of society. That’s just one of the reasons the MTM Technology was created by ARC287BC; as an incredible innovation of efficient energy production relative to output that could revolutionize the future of human powered energy production and adaptive vehicles. Keep reading to learn more.


Energy production innovation with MTM technology

Human Power

If you or a loved one is a veteran with a physical disability, the lack of motion and adventurous mobility available to you or your loved one is just one of many challenges that life has in store. It could be a bone that never healed properly, or a bit of shrapnel that was never removed, even the simple task of riding a bicycle and feeling the breeze on your face can be painful, difficult, or downright impossible. Our MTM technology, implemented into a variety of adaptive vehicles, looks to provide that access and freedom of adventurous motion to all, regardless of physical disability.

Our Pedal Generator

Thats why ARC287BC wants to implement our MTM technology into a variety of adaptive vehicles that will provide this access and freedom to all who want or need it. Our mechanism dramatically increases the efficiency of the physical transfer of motion and force, meaning that every act of exertion is that much more efficient at producing torque, power, speed, and overall, propulsion. Implemented into a selection of adaptive vehicle power systems, like bicycles, canoes, paddle boats, and more, this technology will make it much easier for any individual with a physical disability to exert force.

Self-Sufficient Energy Production

With our collection of adaptive vehicles and the widespread implementation of the MTM technology, our hope is to provide the freedom of adventurous mobility to all who want it. For individuals with a physical disability, inducing pain and discomfort while still trying to enjoy the mobile and adventurous things you once did can be a frustrating experience to say the least. But with our adaptive vehicles, your physical ability, and mobility is improved with incredible efficiency, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor adventures you love to do, without having to put yourself through the ringer to do it.

Transfering Up-And-Down Motion

Part of the immense sacrifice that we respect in each of our veterans, is the willingness to risk life and limb for our country. And part of that risk is the chance that wherever you are deployed, you might not come back home with the same physical ability, all of your limbs, or even at all. That chance is just one of the many reasons why these men and women who serve are held in such high regard. Whether it’s the loss of a limb, or simply the wear and tear that military service can put on the human body, a physical disability can make your entire life much more difficult. MTM technology is looking to provide an unequaled level of support to improve mobility, through our adaptive vehicles..

Whether it’s your favorite politician, or your most hated one, everyone running for office has something to say about energy production. The production of consistent, efficient, and reliable energy is a critical issue for a lot of voters. And why shouldn’t it be? Our entire world is run on a variety of fuel sources that produce the energy we consume every day. So any step towards more energy production methods, especially more efficient ones, is critical for the whole of society. That’s just part of the mission behind the MTM technology at ARC287BC, and we want to change the world with it. Learn more about the MTM Tech, or contact ARC287BC today, to see how you can help.

Efficient, cheaper energy production, with MTM Technology

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